We cook at your home

We cook to ensure an unforgettable experience without the need of leaving your home. Our cuisine and our dedication will play an essential role in your meetings. We will make things easy for you. Our Chef and your kitchen will be the hosts of theses occasions.




At sea

What distinguishes her, thanks to her background, is that she has no barriers. If you have a ship and you want to envite your closest friends, or you would like to host a private party, lamemécuina will bring you her cuisine at see whichever destination you may choose. For long distance crossing, Memé will cook in your yacht.


On land

Our team is modern and dynamic. We combine taste with visual effects, as well as our dishes with the way we serve them. On the other hand, we believe that it is essential to mention that we also have the support of other professionals that get involved unconditionally in every event with the goal to achieve flawless results so that the cliente can have the perfect experience without leaving their home.



Boda de Invierno

Catering de Lamemécuina para el enlace de Judit y Pau
El día comenzó lluvioso pero para Pau y Judit salía el sol.
Una boda muy familiar dónde la confianza fue plena, y la única condición fue: un […]

Los postres de la Memé cuina

Cualquier cena o comida con lamemécuina, al final de la experiencia gastronómica, siempre llega la hora de los cafés o tés, un momento de sobremesa para la charla y tertulia. Y es ahí dónde nuestros cafés o tes, van siempre acompañados de nuestros dulces.


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