Born in Badalona in 1967, she was raised with the traditional catalan cuisine of her grand mother Abelina and her mother Maria Rosa, which inspired this project.

After many changes, the need of staying close to the see draw her to the kitchens of luxury yachts. It is at that moment when the grandmother’s and the mother’s legacy surfaced.

During this time at see, working the summer seasons, the trust and proximity with the families lead her to the kitchens of their homes where she executed the cuisine for their private events, family gatherings or other engagements.

After eleven years, and after working in different catering business, this kind of events and private homes became, without a doubt, her biggest project.

With the help of great chefs, their technique and their culinary secrets, she has gradually gained her personal style, homemade cuisine, exquisite and for the most discerning palates.

Trained with Chef Tony Botella at his vacuum cooking school TBTC, and later, becoming his assistant in the courses, she acquired the necessary technique and assertiveness in the kitchen.

Now, with her team, she will bring to your kitchen all that she has learned.